Season 1 – Page 1

This is the first thirteen episodes of season 1, plus the Pilot episode. These videos are very rough. I haven’t done hardly any public speaking since high school and this is all very new to me. I think this adds to the story, however. Watching my first video versus my latest video shows obvious improvement, which is kind of what this channel is about. This is the start of my story. It begins with my history and moves into my journey through the personal improvement process.

Watch Me Shine – S01E00

This is my introduction to YouTube. It explains my channel and my goals for the channel. Yes, my channel looks awful, as does my production value. The point of this is to watch me evolve, as well as my channel. I hope you continue to watch coming videos and see my journey as it happens.

Early History – S01E01

In this video I talk about my formative years, growing up and going to school, and how I took a great childhood and lots of talent only to flush it down the toilet.
Song I mention in the video, “Fallin’ & Flyin’”, from Crazy Heart.

Broken and Reforged – S01E02

In this video I discuss the final part of my history, the last decade since meeting the woman to whom I’m married now and her daughter. I also discuss what brought me to change my life the first time and those early victories. I then discuss what brought me to my latest attempt to change my life and building a YouTube channel to document it.

Journaling – S01E03

In this video, I describe my most valuable weapon in my quest to change myself and my life: my journal. I will cover what I bought, why I chose it, how I put it together, and how I use it daily.

For the materials I use in this video to build a journal, check out the following links:

Tul Notebooks
Pilot Frixion Pens
Rocketbook Notebooks

Introduction to the Plan – S01E04

This week, I start at the beginning. I’ll cover the self-improvement plan I chose and how I go about working on it. I’ll then go over the first week of the plan. I will end by giving you some tasks to perform over the next week.

Have A Plan And Work It – S01E05

In this video I talk about handling criticism, investing in the project, investing in yourself, creating habits, having a plan and working that plan.

In this video I continue my discussion on becoming and then move on to associations. I also reference my current favorite speech, which is the following:
Earl Nightingale – The Strangest Secret

Who You Were Meant To Be – S01E07

In this video I want to offer a different perspective on who we were all meant to be and then offer some suggestions on how to become that person.
Mel Robbins TED Talk

Dreaming and Setting Goals – S01E08

In this video I teach why setting goals is important, the difference between dreams and goals, and how to come up with a list for both.

Goal Refinement and Prioritization – S01E09

In this video I talk about the refinement of dreams and goals, prioritization, and selecting what to start working on first.

Motivation, Discipline, Willpower, and Habits – S01E10

In this video I discuss the difference between motivation, discipline, willpower, and habits. These are four different, yet related, skills. Learning how they are related and interact can help you use each one correctly to build success.

Self-esteem and Self-confidence – S01E11

In this video I talk about self-esteem and self-confidence and how they relate to self-discipline, integrity, and letting go of your past.

Accountability – S01E12

In this video I talk about accountability and the two types of accountability. I also talk about accountability partners and the two types of accountability partner. I also talk about what to look for when finding accountability partners.

How You See The World – S01E13

In this video I talk about spirituality, either religious or philosophical and the place it fills in our lives.