Bonus Videos

These videos are additional information separate from the documentary content.

CustomJournal App Tutorial: the Basics

In this video I talk about how to start setting up CustomJournal to build your own custom journal and get started using it to augment or replace your paper journal. This video focuses on getting it installed and going through the settings. Future videos will cover using templates, building templates, books, and journaling in general.

CustomJournal App Tutorial: Getting Started and Customizing

In this video I talk about getting started using CustomJournal by taking advantage of the default templates and then creating your own custom template to create a journal entry that works exactly the way you want it to.

CustomJournal App Tutorial: Journaling My Way

In this video I talk about the custom templates I’ve created for journaling, how I use those templates to journal, and the different journaling methods I employ.

Day of Reflection – B04

In this video I talk about using the last Sunday of the month as a day of reflection. This is a day I choose to look back through the past year, at all the events of the year, and reflect upon the lessons they taught me. I also prepare to move forward into the future.