Monthly Archives: August 2019

Introduction to the Plan – S01E04

This week, I start at the beginning. I’ll cover the self-improvement plan I chose and how I go about working on it. I’ll then go over the first week of the plan. I will end by giving you some tasks to perform over the next week.

Original Script of the Video (not a direct transcript)

Hello again,

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How to Build a Journal and Start Journaling – S01E03

In this video, I describe my most valuable weapon in my quest to change myself and my life: my journal. I will cover what I bought, why I chose it, how I put it together, and how I use it daily.

For the materials I use in this video to build a journal,

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Recent History – S01E02

In this video I discuss the final part of my history, the last decade since meeting the woman to whom I’m married now and her daughter. I also discuss what brought me to change my life the first time and those early victories. I then discuss what brought me to my latest attempt to change my life and building a YouTube channel to document it.

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History – S01E01

In this video I talk about my formative years, growing up and going to school, and how I took a great childhood and lots of talent only to flush it down the toilet.

Song I mention in the video, “Fallin’ & Flyin’”, from Crazy Heart.

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